Dhaka construction workers’ game of cricket makes it to ESPNcricinfo’s #YourShots

ESPNcricinfo today featured an image of a group of construction workers in Dhaka, enjoying a game of cricket with their tools.

Featured as #YourShots, the image came with the caption "A group of construction workers make use of their tools to play cricket on a beautiful, windy day in Dhaka", and was shared on ESPNcricinfo's official Facebook page.

The moment was captured by Riyad Shahir Ahmed Husain, managing director of NDE Solutions, an IT firm.

"I clicked this photo during one of our Recreational Cycling Club - RCC Rides. Thanks ESPNcricinfo for featuring it," Riyad said in a Facebook post.

The image reminds us all of the recent past, when watching and playing a game of cricket was a common scene in Bangladesh.

It also tell us that you do not need the right gears for a good game, all you need is a playful spirit to live the day, the rest will just fall into place.


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