Thrive Edtech raises USD 180k in pre-seed B round

Thrive Edtech, an education technology startup based in Dhaka has raised USD 180K in its pre-seed B round.

"We have looked into 50 local EdTech companies and Thrive is the one that stood out. I put my trust in them to impact the education sector here on a mass scale," said Mehedi Hasan, Chairperson and Founder of  Omicon Group, one of the investors. Other investors include Quazi Zulquarnain, Global Innovation Lead for Uber, and Abdul Ghafur Bashir, Managing Director, Aqualink Bangladesh Limited.

"Half of our team members come from teaching backgrounds with years of experience. Most of our engineers have developed EdTech solutions before. This gives the team an Education-First mindset which, when combined with our outstanding team chemistry, drives us to tackle the largest problems in education," says Rafid Imran, Co-founder and CEO of Thrive about the team.

Thrive has raised over USD 200K in total and was placed among the top 100 EdTech companies in South Asia ranked by HolonIQ, a global education market intelligence platform. Thrive EdTech has recently graduated from NSU Startups Next incubation program.


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