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  • The biggest tech flops of 2020

    While the global tech industry saw a ray of hope during the beginning of 2020, its backlashes equally generated some intense chaos, riots and much more. Here's a list of some of the biggest tech flops of 2020 that made headlines and affected lives, businesses and had all of us talking about it.
  • Money management basics for Gen Z

    Born between 1995-2010, Gen Z (also known as “internet generation” or “Post Millennials”) are now in grad school, college or have just entered the workforce.
  • Want to beat the crowd? Upgrade your emotional intelligence

    In modern-day and age, emotional intelligence is more valued than any other form of intelligence. For the development of interpersonal relationships between peers, colleagues and even friends and family,
  • Thinking outside the Box: Statistics and effective myth-busting

    From making-up a silly “5-second rule” to predicting an industry’s future using no more than our judgment, we humans love to tell stories. We can sell off stories, maybe to a friend, our employers, or an aspiring entrepreneur. However, the truth of these stories or myths that we spread ends up having dire consequences.
  • All you need is a phone: Much needed healthcare at the fingertips of RMG workers

    The qualms of RMG workers worsened when their work resumed from the 26th of May, 2020. This made them more susceptible to the virus that consequently led to many of them testing positive. To address the multidimensional vulnerabilities faced by RMG workers during these turbulent times, Maya and Marks & Spencer Bangladesh has signed an MOU to provide free digital healthcare services to this specific community and to help prevent and limit the spread of Covid-19.