Editor's Note

Number one, engage

Star Trek, the show about finding strange new alien worlds and civilization with the power of magical technology and technobabble, will be 54 this Tuesday. Throughout its lifetime, the shows have come up with various new outlandish technologies, each serving some kind device to advance the plot. Some of these plot devices saw their usefulness end after one episode, others went on to become blueprints for real-life technology. Marvels such as mobile phones, tablets, touchscreens, augmented reality, transparent aluminum, and many others can trace their origins back to these shows. Even one of humanity's most plausible method of faster than light travel, the Alcubierre drive, was born out of a man asking if the Star Trek's warp drive is possible.  Star Trek had and continues to inspire generations of young people to study science and engineering, many of whom go on to create useful and beneficial tools for humanity.  The works of these people bring us one step closer to utopia, one step closer to turning Star Trek into a reality.