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12:00 AM, February 19, 2021 / LAST MODIFIED: 04:27 AM, February 19, 2021

Effective ways to detect a hidden camera in secret hiding places

Have you ever been in any public washroom, dressing room or in any hotel room and had a feeling that you are being watched? Well, sometimes you may not be wrong in this regard. In many incidents around the world, privacy has been breached using hidden cameras, which is both illegal and unethical. To be on the safe side, here is a list of some useful approaches to spot a hidden camera in the mirror or in any other sneaky hiding spots.

Scan your surroundings for suspicious objects

Whenever you are in a public restroom, dressing room or a hotel room, look around to find out questionable objects. Always check for small pinholes and other vents and openings in the wall or ceiling after entering a close space. Hidden cameras are often placed behind or above those objects that are not typically picked up or moved around. Some common objects where cameras can be installed secretly are- mirror, wall clock, alarm clock, AC power adapter, tissue boxes, desk lamp, toothbrush holder, DVD player or other set-up boxes etc. If you see suspicious wires or power outlets and adapters, unplug those immediately.

Try to detect a hidden camera lens in a low-light environment

Every camera has a lens which reflects light to some degree. One way to find out a hidden camera lens is to use your phone's flashlight. As it requires a low-light or dark environment, turn off lights and close the curtains to look for telltale reflections in suspicious places. However, this approach may not always work. Since the light needs to hit the lens with a proper angle, you'll need to scan your surroundings carefully and thoroughly. And it may not work with a camera hidden inside a mirror or in any other highly-reflective surface.

Another point is that many cameras turn on their blink and solid lights automatically in a dark surrounding. So creating this kind of low-light environment may help you without much hassle. Some hidden cameras also have an indicator light on their camera panel, which can lead you to spot the place of the camera.

False mirror test

You can find out whether the mirror placed in any washroom or hotel room is genuine or not by conducting a simple fingertip test. Just place your finger on the surface of the mirror. If there is a gap between your fingertip and the reflective surface in question, it is highly likely to be a real mirror. The gap you are seeing is basically the thickness of the mirror between your finger and the orange reflecting coating. If there is no gap, then there might be a hidden camera and you should be alert instantly and investigate further.

Further ways to examine a two-way mirror

First, observe carefully how the mirror is installed on the wall. If it seems to be hanging on the wall and you can look behind it to find out the wall, then it is a genuine mirror. But if it appears to be a part of the wall itself, there is a possibility that it is a two-way glass. Also, check if the light around the mirror seems to be brighter than normal. Because the light on the mirrored side of a two-way mirror needs 10 times brighter light to be effective. It is likely to be an ordinary mirror if the light of the room is relatively dim. You can also try to peer through the mirror by creating a dark tunnel with your hands. Press your face up to the reflective surface and cup your hands around it to see if there is something beyond the mirror. If you are still not convinced, tap on the mirror surface with your knuckle. An ordinary mirror produces a dull and flat sound as it is just placed on the wall. But a two-way mirror will produce an open, reverberating and hollow sound as there is a free and open space behind the observation glass.

Use hidden camera detecting apps

You can also try to use some apps to spot suspicious networks and cams such as Fing or Hidden Camera Detector. These are available for both android and iOS. These apps will help you detect intruders, hidden spy cams and listening devices. Analyzing the magnetic activities around your phone, it assists you to find out the questionable connections or devices.

Whenever you are almost or totally sure about any hidden camera, it is better to ask for help from officials than to tamper with it. Call local police immediately to seek support.  


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