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  • A hospital by the people, for the people in just 14 days

    Bidyanondo Foundation and Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP) have jointly set up a field hospital in Patenga, Chattogram. It was inaugurated by CMP Commissioner Md. Mahabubor Rahman with Faruk Ahmed,
  • Helpline numbers, location sharing apps and services that you may need in an emergency

    Following the disturbing crimes and sexual harassment cases against women and children, it has become more important to know the emergency helpline numbers and to learn how to share location or notify close ones in an emergency state. Here is a list of some national helpline numbers, apps to share location and a guideline how to activate emergency SOS system.
  • Online and tele-counselling services to seek mental health support from

    Online and tele-counselling services these days are more sought out options for people with anxiety issues for a number of reasons. They can share their problems and get support while maintaining anonymity and can also maintain social distancing amid this pandemic. Here are some mental health help and support helpline where you can seek for any assistance and counselling over the phone or online.
  • How the class of 2020 is surviving Covid-19

    The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the usual hiring process that has affected the job seekers and the job market. The job seekers,
  • Neuralink surgical robot: Take a look at Musk’s brain-machine interface

    SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has finally brought out the much-awaited Neuralink surgical robot, a revolutionary and developed brain-machine interface that can blur the red thick lines between humans and machines.