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  • Education for underprivileged children amid pandemic

    Given the current challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many volunteering endeavours to provide education to underprivileged children have been disrupted. We have talked with a few organisations to know about their perspectives and steps in this respect. Despite taking different measures, they have one common objective and that is to ensure the best thing for these children.
  • Nilkomol Ar Lalkomol: the very first motion comics in Bangladesh

    Did you ever wish to see life into your favourite comic characters? If yes, then the motion comic is the buzzword-filled way for you, which turns all the reading materials into something you can watch along with sound effects and voice-overs. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is yet to get familiar with this hybrid art form. However, mKiddo, an SVOD platform for kids, is all ready to introduce the very first motion comics in Bangladesh.
  • Bringing ignorance into the light

    Transgender and intersex people experience shocking amounts of abuse and discrimination in their daily life. They get harassed and exploited at home, work or on the roads.
  • The plight of female frontline workers during Covid-19

    Female frontline workers are toiling a countless number of hours on duty since the Covid-19 outbreak. But being a female frontline warrior is just not about professional workloads.
  • 4 distraction-busting apps to stay focused while working from home

    This app follows a self-motivated method that helps you beat Internet addiction. To control your temptation of using the Internet, you need