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  • Jinat Jahan Khan

  • 5 youth-led initiatives fighting the good fight against COVID-19

    A platform introduced by Shongjog | Connecting People, led by some former students of BUET and youths of different backgrounds, this project aims to supply oxygen cylinders to the people who need them at no cost.
  • Pulse Oximeter: Everything you need to know before getting one

    Silent hypoxia is one of the symptoms in which COVID-19 patients have alarmingly low blood oxygen saturation levels, yet they do not show any other symptoms of COVID-19 or breathlessness to identify the hidden danger.
  • Using drones against COVID-19

    Cutting-edge technologies have been deployed to fight the spread of COVID-19 since the beginning of this pandemic. Drones have become one of the biggest allies to boost mass surveillance and to ensure social distancing all over the world. We take a look at how drones are coming handy in the fight against the pandemic and the scopes of using drones in Bangladesh.
  • 5 steps to surviving the return to your workplace

    Returning to regular work is imminent for many employees, though there is a lot of anxiety and health concern right out there.
  • 6 good alternatives to Zoom

    The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably shifted the workforce, forcing many professionals to work from home and depend on video-conferencing apps such as Zoom.