4 things to enjoy at Mawa

The drive

If you are someone who loves driving and/or enjoys long drive the Dhaka Mawa highway will be a treat. After crossing Postogola Bridge, there lies almost 30km of almost empty highway in immaculate condition. The lanes are nicely marked and divided and the corners are wide and free of blindspot. The only thing you have to watch out for is your speed, as you can hit high triple digits without even realize. Bottom line, accelerate to your heart's content but keep an eye on your speedometer. 

The Food

Are you a fan of local seafood cuisine? Well, you can have plenty of the in Mawa, and in a ton of variety. Ilish fish fry, Ilish egg curry, lobster roast, and more types of "bhorta" then you can think of. Granted, the hotels selling them may not be score top marks when it comes to hygiene, but the taste is excellent. Besides, stomach pain comes part and parcel of trying something new, just make sure you are loaded with all the digestive pills.

The bazaar

If you lack the adventure spirit —or the recklessness— to savour the local cuisine, head to the local fish market at Mawa Bazar. Ilish there sells for one-third of the price of the local city, and less if you took the time to buff your haggling skill. Besides the marine life, there are also plenty of fresh vegetables from you pick from, all for a price less than what you would pay in a city store. One word of caution, the roads of the Bazar were not made with cars in mind, so you're better of leaving it parked elsewhere. There are plenty of parking spaces in the Shimulia Ferry Ghat, but it is also quite far away from the bazaar, so plan accordingly.

Picture: Ashfia Noora Nazam

The view

The beauty and vastness of the Padma river can have been described in many pieces of literature throughout the decade, but words can never do it justice. In both the Shimulia and Mawa Bazar, you will find excellent vantage points to take in its beauty. In addition to the natural beauty, the under-construction Padma Multipurpose Bridge also rises high and tall, a testament to our willingness to see things through. It doesn't matter if you love nature or architecture, for, at Mmawa, there are both.



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