TikTok removes 6 million videos from Bangladesh

File photo: Collected

The popular micro-video sharing platform TikTok has removed almost 6 million videos from Bangladeshi users from July to September 2022, as per TikTok's latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report.

The latest report, which covers statistics regarding July, August and September (Q3 2022) this year, states that a total of 5,960,758 videos were removed from Bangladeshi users. This makes Bangladesh rank 5th in the world in TikTok content removal - behind the US, Pakistan, Indonesia and Brazil.

In the previous quarter of 2022, Bangladesh also ranked 5th overall in TikTok content removal - with 4,974,838 videos removed from April to June this year. 

In Q3 2022, Bangladesh had a proactive removal rate of 99.5% in TikTok. 98% of videos were removed before 24 hours of uploading, and 97.4% of videos were removed before any views. 

In the previous quarter, the proactive removal rate for Bangladesh was 99.2%, the removal rate before 24 hours was 96.1% and the removal rate before any views was 96.3%.