Agrotech startup Protein Market secures Angel Investment

Protein Market, an agrotech startup that's working to provide safe and unadulterated protein products to B2B & B2C, has raised their first round of Angel Investment. The funding round is led by M Asif Rahman, founder of 'WPDeveloper' and 'ARCom'. Nazmul Hasan Rupok, Chief Executive Officer of WPDeveloper, Jahangir Alam, Co-Founder and COO of eFoli, and Md. Shahjahan, CEO of Auth Lab, are also investing in the Protein Market. Although the investors and co-founders have not revealed the exact amount of funding, several media has reported that the investment is north of USD 100,000/- 

Cofounded by Shafiul Alam and Sharmin Sultana, the initial activities of the Protein Market started from the idea of delivering protein-based food safely to the customers. The startup now plans to work proactively to raise awareness to ensure the importance of safe and unadulterated protein foods and to encourage healthy eating habits among its consumers. And keeping that goal in mind, Protein Market is now collecting locally farmed livestock according to demand and delivering them to people's doorsteps. In this process of commercialising the production of livestock, Protein Market is sourcing from marginal farmers and fishermen to ensure fair payment for the producers as well as customers. 


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