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  • policemen arrested with yaba tablets

    5 cops arrested with yaba tablets

    Five policemen were arrested with yaba tablets at a police barrack in Dhaka’s Uttara area, police say.

  • Drug Control Act-2018 processed

    Death penalty for yaba offenders

    One could be sentenced to death for carrying, trading, storing or processing yaba weighing over five grams, according to a draft law approved in principle by the cabinet.

  • Source of sickness

    Abir* first tried yaba out of curiosity with one of his neighbours. Eight years later, he is now fully addicted to the drug, having taken it regularly for the past seven years.

  • Yaba Invasion-3: Living in DRUG ZONE

    Millions are now addicted to the pink pills. They take it as stimulant and end up with organ damage and mental derangement. The Daily Star has prepared a three-part series on the invasion of yaba and is running the third part today.