World Water Day | The Daily Star
  • What are we doing to save our water sources?

    Various reports on the occasion of World Water Day, observed on March 22, have brought the terrible foreboding of a scenario in which we will literally run out of water.

  • Waste of water, way to disaster

    The next world war will be over water. And Bangladesh appears to be most oblivious of all amidst the grim global forecast.

  • “Reuse, reserve and recycle water to increase efficiency”

    There are hundreds of rivers in the northern and central part of the country which have been allowed to be silted up. At present, river

  • Reaching everyone, everywhere

    Reaching everyone, everywhere

    Last year, we met Subita Rani in a tea garden in Sreemangal. A former tea garden worker, Subita walks over half an hour each day,

  • Precious water for people in need

    Even three months ago, Josna Biswas of Chalna municipality in Khulna's Dakop upazila had to walk 1.5km twice a day to fetch two pitchers of water from the municipality pond.


    When one walks into the Bihari Camp in Mohammadpur, locally referred to as the “Market Camp,” it is as though one has left the city and entered a different world- the world of the condemned.

  • Exhibiting the Importance of Water

    ActionAid Bangladesh has taken the initiative of opening the first Water Museum in Asia.


    South Asia has a long drawn history of rain water harvesting.