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  • Breathe Healthy!!!

    Breathe healthy and ensure the safest air for your family! We try to guarantee all kind of safety for our loved ones, for our kids, for our family like safe home, safe drinking water and so on. But have we thought about the air we are inhaling every second? Are you and your family breathing safely?

  • World Bank want to supports for Rohingya Refugees

    WHO lauds Bangladesh support for Rohingyas

    WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh highly appreciates Bangladesh's all-out support in the full range of care, including good health care, for Rohingya people living here.

  • World Hepatitis Day 2018

    World Hepatitis Day 2018: 10 facts about hepatitis

    Saturday, July 28 marks World Hepatitis Day 2018, organised by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness of the disease and focus on how it can be treated, and eliminated.

  • Suicide 2nd highest cause of death in people aged 15-29

    The recent deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain have cast a spotlight on a jarring spike in suicides worldwide and on the importance of confronting the issue.

  • Childhood obesity: 5 prevention tips for parents

    Here are five tips for parents designed to help protect children from the dangers of the global epidemic of child obesity.

  • World Health Organization

    WHO calls emergency meeting on Congo's Ebola outbreak

    The UN World Health Organization will convene an Emergency Committee on Friday to consider the international risks of an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier says

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

    9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air: WHO

    Nine out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants, shows new data from the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Malaria

    World Malaria Day: Prevention tips for travelers

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has named April 25th as World Malaria Day, which aims to raise awareness of the condition and how the disease can eventually be eradicated.

  • A Rohingya refugee woman walks along the Kutupalong refugee camp

    Rohingya crisis: WHO appeals to int’l community for support

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has appealed to the international community to contribute generously to enable appropriate and timely health services for Rohingya refugees.

  • First global platform for data collection on burns launched

    World Health Organization (WHO) launches the first ever global platform allowing for standardised data collection from burn victims.

  • Addictive gaming to be recognised as disease: WHO

    "Gaming disorder" will be recognised as a disease later this year following expert consensus over the addictive risks associated with playing electronic games, the World Health Organization says.

  • WHO chief 'rethinking' after Mugabe honour outrage

    WHO chief 'rethinking' after Mugabe honour outrage

    The head of the World Health Organization says that he has been "rethinking" his decision to name Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador, as global outrage over the move mounted.

  • Nearly half of abortions 'unsafe': study

    Close to half of the approximately 56 million abortions which is performed every year worldwide are unsafe, researchers says in a study.

  • Try 8 tips to quit smoking

    Wednesday, May 31, 2017 is the World Health Organization's (WHO) annual World No Tobacco Day. For those planning on using the day as their quit date, we've rounded up eight top tips from the WHO to make 2017 the year you successfully quit smoking.

  • 80% of world’s city dwellers breathing bad air: UN

    Over 80 percent of the world’s city dwellers breathe poor quality air, with Dhaka being the third most polluted, increasing their risk of lung cancer and other life-threatening diseases, a new World Health Organization (WHO) report warns.

  • Zika virus, aedes aegypti

    WHO calls for Zika research

    The World Health Organization (WHO) calls for urgent research into different strains of the Zika virus and says that health services in affected areas should be ready for potential increases in the incidence of neurological syndromes and/or congenital malformations.

  • Honduras, mother, child, Zika

    Facts behind Zika virus alarm

    Global health officials are racing to better understand the Zika virus behind a major outbreak that began in Brazil last year and has since spread to many countries in the Americas.