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Point of no return: Australians fight for the right to work from home permanently

Before Covid-19 sent one-third of the global workforce home, the Melbourne property surveyor that employs drone operator Nicholas Coomber called its 180-strong staff into the office every day at 9 am to hand out assignments.

#Careers / Is remote work really for you?

The lockdowns have shown the world that showing up to the office to work is somewhat arbitrary and we can get just as much done while working from home. Remote work is consistently on the rise and unlike the pandemic, it has mostly had a positive impact on our lives.

#Guides / Work from home you’d want to do!

In today's digital era, work-from-home opportunities are becoming increasingly common. Because of these positions' freedom and convenience, they are a feasible choice for many people who want to improve their work-life balance, reduce their commute time, or simply work in a comfortable and familiar setting.

6 ways to be productive at work

Remote work may be a boon to companies and employees alike, in terms of lower costs and flexible schedules, however, it is not an out and out win. The comfort and lack of routine at home can make it very challenging for employees to focus and work productivity can take a plunge. Fortunately, successful managers have come up with 6 things employees can eliminate from their work life in order to keep themselves grounded and efficient throughout the work day.

The human right to disconnect

We shouldn't let the line between work hours and personal hours become blurred

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What is “workation” and why is it gaining popularity worldwide?

Tired of working from the office or home? Need a break? Want to take your work to a beach, a resort or maybe to another city? “Workation” could be the solution that can provide a much-needed break without making you miss that work deadline.

The future of work in a post-Covid world

Even though most offices have resumed physical activity, the learnings from the pandemic are here to stay.

Building a successful hybrid workspace

The term ‘hybrid workplace’ refers to a business model that combines office and remote work. A core group is usually required to be present on site while everyone else is allowed to work from home or both. Sometimes, employees may be required to attend in-person meetings on a certain day of the week. Instead of organising work around set office hours, the hybrid workplace typically gives employees the freedom to fit work around their personal schedules. For many workers and employers, it strikes the perfect mix between efficient work and less stressful living.

June 9, 2022
June 9, 2022

Increase in productivity and the 4-day work week

A typical job holder, who commutes to and from his home to work, losing hours in the process, has a lot to gain from a 4-day workweek programme.

May 19, 2022
May 19, 2022

The new normal: 9-5 work routine not to return soon

Some people love working from home, while the rest miss their colleagues and the commotion of a proper work place.

October 16, 2021
October 16, 2021

Working from Home or Office?

What works better for us?

March 20, 2020
March 20, 2020

Remote working in the age of technology and pandemic

In these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic, one buzzword has been in circulation now more than ever — Remote working or working from home.

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