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  • Bill Gates ditches Windows Phone for Android

    The Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announces in an interview with Fox News Sunday that instead of Windows Phone he's now using an Android phone.

  • WhatsApp releases desktop apps for Mac and Windows

    After launching WhatsApp Web, the browser-based version of the WhatsApp client for PCs and Macs last year, the company now takes it one step further by introducing a true WhatsApp application for Windows and Mac OS X machines.

  • The final Blackberry in the coffin?

    Before Apple's iPhone, Blackberry kicked off the smartphone revolution and brought the office out of the office and into the tap-tap-tap grasp of workers all over the world.

  • ARC Welder app

    How to run an Android app on a Mac or PC

    Google's goal is to make all of its Android apps available across multiple platforms (smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers), a little like Microsoft's idea with its forthcoming OS, Windows 10, and its dedicated multi-platform app store.