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  • Dhaka Wasa

    Poor Service, Waterlogging: JS body blasts Wasa boss for utility’s failure

    Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) Managing Director Taqsem A Khan yesterday came under fire by a parliamentary body for his failure in providing safe drinking water to citizens, dealing with the waterlogging problem and allegations of widespread corruption against DWASA officials.

  • Waterlogging in Port City: Intensifying, not improving

    The Chattogram Development Authority has been filling up vast swaths of low-lying land, designated as water reservoirs, in the name of building residential areas.

  • Heavy rain disrupts life in capital

    Heavy rain turned many parts of the capital into swamps yesterday, paralysing normal life and creating a traffic chaos.

  • Waterlogging Problem in Chattogram

    Port city dwellers suffer due to waterlogging

    Most of the areas in the port city of Chattogram go under knee-to-waist deep water due to incessant downpour since Sunday night causing immense sufferings for the city dwellers.

  • Solving our waterlogging woes

    Iqbal Habib, Member Secretary, Urbanisation & Governance Programme, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (Bapa), talks to Naznin Tithi of The Daily Star about why lack of coordination among the agencies concerned is the main barrier to solving Dhaka's waterlogging problem and how this issue should be addressed.

  • A lesson not learnt

    Dhaka would not be deluged in 2018. This was the promise the local government minister made last year. But his words did not translate into action.

  • Chittagong city map

    Quizzical rise in Ctg land price

    The cost of digging a new canal in Chittagong city has quadrupled in three years due to delay in getting the funds in full for the project deemed critical for alleviating the city's waterlogging problem.

  • Drainage disaster on the cards

    It has been a work in progress in different wards of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) to alleviate public sufferings mainly from the deluge during rainy season and its after-effect that causes severe damage to main thoroughfares as well as narrow lanes.

  • Minister's comments on waterlogging

    We are quite taken aback by the remarks of the Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister at a seminar where he has said that the waterlogging situation was much worse in expanding cities like Kolkata and Mumbai, compared to Dhaka.

  • Waterlogging

    Boat service on Dhaka streets

    Firemen start a new initiative to lessen the sufferings of Dhaka city dwellers amid waterlogging due to incessant rain.

  • Rainy weather in Bangladesh

    Rain to persist for 2 days more

    Due to a depression in the Bay, Dhaka is experiencing moderate to heavy rain, causing immense sufferings to the dwellers.

  • Rapa river!

    “banglamotore ki pani uthse?” (“Any water logging in Bangla Motor?”), is one of the inquiries on Facebook-based Traffic Alert group after morning rain.

  • Waterlogging: Mega project okayed to save port city

    The government is going to take up a massive project to address the waterlogging in Chittagong city at a cost of Tk 5,616 crore.

  • Ecnec okays project to ease Ctg’s waterlogging

    The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council approves a project involving Tk 5,616.50 crore to mitigate sufferings of its residents from the perennial waterlogging in port city of Chittagong.

  • Woes of two cities

    Heavy rains combined with traffic congestion brought the capital to a grinding halt on Wednesday as city dwellers went through untold sufferings to reach their destination wading through knee- to waist-deep water.

  • Too much rain clogged city's storm sewers

    The government has not yet decided which authority will implement the storm drainage master plan, approved in 2014 for tackling flooding on city streets caused by rain.


    Ashish Kumar Sarkar, deputy commissioner of Chittagong Taxes Zone-4, now takes his office boat to work. Every day he meets a security guard who moonlights as a boatman.

  • Delving deep into perennial waterlogging of Ctg

    The waterlogging plague of Chittagong city returns yet again this monsoon, triggered by the incessant rainfall over the last few weeks.

  • DRAINAGE deplorable

    Inadequate storm-water drainage system managed by seven different authorities with little coordination among themselves is the reason why Dhaka streets suffer deluge every time there is moderate rain. The authorities do their job haphazardly. They hardly know what the others are doing, say officials concerned.

  • Dhaka rain, sufferings in frames

    The rain inundates several areas of Dhaka city including Motijheel, Purana Paltan, Fakirapul, Arambagh and Rajarbagh areas causing sufferings for commuters.

  • Waterlogged Dhaka streets

    Waterlogging in Dhaka has become a common problem during monsoon. Rainwater is carried through natural canals and large concrete pipes to flood plains and rivers, but as most of the canals have been grabbed by the encroachers or clogged with solid wastes, the city streets are submerged even after a little rain.

  • Heavy rains throw city life out of gear

    Yesterday, it was the same old story of inexpressible misery that the city dwellers endure when city traffic system collapses after rain.

  • Bring Wasa, Rajuk under DCCs

    Mayor Annisul Huq wants Rajuk and Wasa under the jurisdiction of the city corporations to get rid of the city's waterlogging problem.

  • Waterlogging can be solved

    The picture published in yesterday's paper portrays a menace we are all too familiar with: canals blocked by garbage. The inevitable waterlogging...

  • The woeful plight of Dhaka

    First day of the month of September will be remembered by Dhaka residents for a long time. Incessant rainfall paralysed all major and minor roads in the city for hours on end.

  • waterloggoing-Ctg

    Waterlogging disrupts Ctg city life (video)

    Lives of Chittagong city dwellers are highly disrupted due to waterlogging in most areas of the city caused due to three days of heavy rainfall.

  • 7 ways to drive safely in a flood without dying

    Normally people drive through water and they don't die. So what happens when our city roads get submerged? Our cars can die. Here's how yours can survive.

  • Dhaka deluged

    No wonder Dhaka is one of the most unlivable cities in the world. Many would like to think that except the change in spelling of the name of the Capital, very little change has come about by way of adding to the comfort of the people living in the city.

  • End waterlogging permanently

    During the rainy season, the city dwellers of Chittagong have to suffer a lot because of waterlogging.

  • Water logging

    A city drowned by faulty planning

    On the morning of June 12, after just 63mm of rain, the vast areas in the city stretching from Mirpur to Gulistan to Motijheel to Hatkhola to Shantinogor to Rampura, on one side, and from Lalbagh to Karwan Bazaar to Farmgate and Tejgaon, on the other side, went under knee–deep water.