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  • supreme court

    Shut factories operating illegally, polluting Buriganga: HC

    The High Court orders the Department of Environment (DoE) DoE to shut down the operations of all industries, factories and other structures on both shores of Buriganga River, which running without its approval and polluting the river.

  • Worries over wastewater

    Textile industries would be dumping a mind-boggling 20,300 crore litres of untreated wastewater into the country's waterbodies every year from 2021 if the current situation did not improve, said a Buet study.

  • Water Pollution in Dhaleshwari River

    Dhaleshwari in danger

    The pollution level in the Dhaleshwari has worsened ever since the Tannery Industrial Estate was set up near the river in Savar.

  • Poisoning the Dhaleshwari

    After the Buriganga, the tannery industry is now polluting the Dhaleshwari river, as the central effluent treatment plant (CETP) for treating liquid waste and hazardous chemicals is yet to be fully operational.

  • Water: Garments’ invisible price

    Bangladesh boasts as the world’s number two garment exporter. Every third European has a t-shirt made in Bangladesh on his back. Every fifth American wears jeans manufactured in Bangladesh. But this is not a story of how many million pieces we export. This is a story of the invisible price we pay every time a jeans rolls out of a factory in Bangladesh. The western buyers little know how much water, that precious resource, was used to wash and dye his shirt. The figures are mind boggling.

  • What happens to our e-waste?

    What do you do with the damaged battery or chargers of your cell phone? Where do you keep your fused bulbs and abandoned switches? What about obsolete computer accessories?

  • Pollution From Waste: Buriganga water shows signs of improvement

    However insignificant, the quality of Buriganga water is showing signs of improvement.

  • ADB signs $30m loan for garment sector

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) signs a $30-million loan deal with Brac Bank, which will be used to finance the construction and upgrade of garment factories in Bangladesh.

  • No standards set for water filters

    Companies never tire of boasting about their products, and consumers are easily enticed. But in the case of water purifiers and filters,

  • The dying Shahjahanpur Jheel (video)

    A deltaic country, the plains of Bangladesh are crisscrossed with a million water bodies. The canals, marshlands and the rivers make the quintessential image that Rural Bengal conjures up.