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  • Sculptures for survival

    Shepu Rani Das, 20, was busy braiding wax hair on a statue of black molten wax, while her sister Shilpi Rani Das, 18, looked on and recounted their rescue from under the debris of Rana Plaza.

  • Plastic money not so safe

    About 10 million bank clients are potentially easy victims of fraudulent charges to their debit and credit accounts because they are using the vulnerable magnetic stripe cards.

  • Victims' families for judicial commission

    The families of the army officials killed in the 2009 Pilkhana carnage have demanded a judicial inquiry to bring to light the masterminds and the motive behind the massacre.

  • No time to rest

    Ilias Biswas cannot afford to stay at home.

  • I blame my fate

    For 91 days from January 5 to April 5 last year, there was hardly a single day when innocent people were not burnt to death or injured in arson attacks on public transports. Some lost their loved ones, others their lone bread earners during the longest spell of horror allegedly carried out by the BNP-led coalition, protesting the January 5, 2014, elections.

  • Chennai floods: Race to rescue victims

    A massive rescue operation is under way to reach stranded people in the flood-hit southern Indian city of Chennai (Madras).

  • Men claiming discovery of Nazi 'gold train' go public

    Two treasure hunters claiming to have discovered a Nazi "gold train" went public for the first time but failed to reveal evidence for the alleged.

  • 155 brought back home from Myanmar

    Bangladesh border guards in a flag meeting with their Myanmar counterpart to bring back 155 nationals rescued from the sea.

  • India still not accountable for HR violations in Jammu and Kashmir

    If doing something usually results in punishment, but you do it with impunity, you will not be punished for the deed. Indian security forces are given impunity by the government to do-as-they-please in the violently disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Bangladesh suggests 'external factors' for trafficking, migration

    Bangladesh insists that poverty is not necessarily the main driver pushing her people into the hands of traffickers.

  • PM draws flak for comments on trafficking victims

    Sheikh Hasina’s criticism on illegally migrating workers draws widespread flak both at home and abroad.

  • migrant worker

    Iraq returnees demand compensation

    Returning empty-handed from Iraq, 19 workers demand compensation and licence cancellation of two recruiting agencies for cheating with them 17 months back.

  • Call for Rana Plaza victims’ compensation

    Garment workers’ rights bodies call for immediate compensation of Rana Plaza victims and swift punishment for the culprits behind the world’s biggest workplace disaster on the second anniversary of Rana Plaza collapse.