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  • Development challenges even stiffer now

    Bangladesh is facing huge population and development related challenges owing to high prevalence of child marriage, early pregnancy, and sluggish progress in family planning and poor youth unemployment, said experts yesterday.

  • Nearly 7.5 lakh teenagers give birth every year

    The adolescent (15-19 years) birth rate in Bangladesh is still high as approximately 750,000 adolescent girls are giving birth annually, according to a new UN report.

  • Still the highest in the region

    A staggering 59 percent of the marriages that took place in Bangladesh between 2006 and 2017 involved brides below the age of 18, says a UN study.

  • Asa Britta Torkelsson and Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali

    New UNFPA representative meets foreign minister

    The newly appointed United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Representative in Bangladesh, Asa Britta Torkelsson, meets Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali.