US Pacific islands brace for long recovery after 'catastrophic' typhoon

Authorities in the Northern Mariana Islands call for urgent supplies and equipment and are preparing for weeks without power after being hit by their most powerful typhoon in half a century, killing one woman and causing widespread destruction.

Japan's Kansai airport to reopen partially after typhoon damage

Japan's Kansai airport will reopen partially, the government says, after a massive typhoon flooded parts of the transport hub and swept a tanker onto the only bridge connecting it to the mainland.

Typhoon kills 27, leaves 22 missing along Vietnam coast

A powerful typhoon battering Vietnam kills at least 27 people and leaves 22 others missing amid extensive damage along the south-central coast, officials say

Philippines battered as Typhoon Koppu makes landfall

Homes have been flattened, power lines toppled, and thousands of people have fled their homes as Typhoon Koppu swept into the northern Philippines.

Philippines on alert as Typhoon Koppu nears

The Philippines is preparing for a typhoon that is forecast to dump heavy rain and cause severe flooding when it arrives at the weekend.

Typhoon roars into south China; tens of thousands evacuated

A strong typhoon roars into southern China, bringing powerful winds and heavy rain to the region after leaving more than a dozen fishermen missing in the Philippines.

Japan floods: City of Joso hit by 'unprecedented' rain

Areas of Japan are on high alert as heavy rains and flooding continue for a second day, following Typhoon Etau.

Typhoon lashes China, 14 dead

A typhoon battered China's east coast, killing 14 people and forcing the authorities to evacuate hundreds of thousands more.

At least 4 dead as typhoon Soudelor hits Taiwan

Powerful Typhoon Soudelor is battering Taiwan with strong winds and heavy rain, leaving at least four people dead.

July 11, 2015
July 11, 2015

Powerful typhoon Chan-hom hits China

Powerful typhoon Chan-hom has made landfall along the coast of China's eastern Zhejiang province.

May 10, 2015
May 10, 2015

Typhoon slams into north tip of Philippines; 2,500 evacuated

A powerful typhoon slams into the north eastern tip of the Philippines as about 2,500 residents in two provinces huddles in shelters following warnings by officials to evacuate coastal and mountainous villages.

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