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  • Trump calls coronavirus Democrats' 'new hoax'

    President Donald Trump lashed out on Friday at Democrats who have questioned his handling of the coronavirus threat, calling their criticism a new “hoax” intended to undermine his leadership.

  • Ex-Trump campaign chief sentenced to 47 months

    Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is sentenced to nearly four years in prison for tax and bank fraud related to his work advising Ukrainian politicians, much less than what was called for under sentencing guidelines.

  • Trump recognises opposition leader as Venezuela's interim president

    The Trump administration ratchets up pressure on Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, announcing US recognition of the country's opposition leader as interim president and signaling potential new sanctions against its vital oil sector.

  • US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong

    Trump-Kim second summit in late Feb

    US President Donald Trump will hold a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in late February but will maintain economic sanctions on Pyongyang, the White House said on Friday after Trump met Pyongyang's top nuclear negotiator.

  • 'Never worked for Russia'

    US President Donald Trump said on Monday he never worked for Russia, his first direct denial after a media report that the FBI in 2017 investigated whether he acted against US interests.

  • Donald Trump

    Trump says solution to shutdown impasse ‘so simple’

    With the government mired in shutdown week four, President Donald Trump rejected a short-term legislative fix and dug in for more combat, declaring he would “never ever back down.”

  • US in longest govt shutdown

    The US government shutdown that has left 800,000 federal employees without salaries as a result of President Donald Trump's row with Democrats over building a Mexico border wall entered a record 22nd day Saturday.

  • Trump renews threat over wall

    President Donald Trump, facing the prospect within days of the longest US government shutdown in history, was considering declaring a national emergency that would likely escalate a policy dispute with Democrats over his proposed US-Mexico border wall into a court test of presidential power.

  • Trump offers steel wall instead of concrete wall

    US President Donald Trump pledged on Sunday not to bend in his demand for a wall along the southern border with Mexico but said the barrier could be made of steel instead of concrete as a potential compromise with Democrats who refuse to fund it.

  • World leaders at UN look for progress on NKorea, brace for Trump

    North Korea and Iran will dominate this week's gathering of world leaders at the United Nations, where President Donald Trump will be firmly in the spotlight as he continues to upend global diplomacy.

  • Protesters flood US cities to fight Trump immigration policy

    They wore white. They shook their fists in the air. They carried signs reading: “No more children in cages,” and “What’s next? Concentration Camps?”

  • Man shoots himself to death near White House

    The Secret Service says a man shot himself to death Saturday as he stood near the fence along the north side of the White House.

  • Trump in 'excellent health,' White House doctor says

    The White House physician pronounces Donald Trump to be in "excellent health" after Trump has his first medical exam as US president, capping off a week in which his mental fitness for the job has come under intense scrutiny.

  • Trump blames Puerto Ricans for slow hurricane response

    US President Donald Trump places blame squarely on Puerto Ricans for the slow recovery from Hurricane Maria after critics and the mayor of San Juan complained his administration’s response to the US territory’s plight was insufficient.

  • PM expects no help from Trump

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said she spoke to US President Donald Trump yesterday about Rohingyas flooding into Bangladesh from

  • Trump’s adviser Gorka is out: White House

    White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, who was closely aligned with a nationalist faction led by ousted senior strategist Steve Bannon, no longer works for President Donald Trump, the White House says.

  • Trump's ex aide Manafort 'hid' $750,000 payment

    A Ukrainian MP alleges that the party of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych secretly paid former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort $750,000 via an offshore shell company.

  • Trump policies cloud potential US World Cup bid

    President Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies could hurt an expected U.S. bid to host the 2026 World Cup although plenty of time remains for concerns to ease before the decision by world soccer's governing body FIFA.

  • Orlando: Trump crows he was 'right' on Islamist threat

    White House hopeful Donald Trump lost no time Sunday in claiming a massacre in a gay nightclub showed he has been right about Islamic extremism.

  • Clinton ‘secures Democratic nomination’

    Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination for US president after reaching the required number of delegates, an AP tally suggests.

  • Trump's personal attacks on judge spark GOP concerns

    The federal judge who's hearing a Trump University lawsuit is "a hater of Donald Trump" and ought to be removed from the case. So says Donald Trump, in just one of the recent comments by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee that have legal experts worrying about his commitment to an independent judiciary and his views on presidential powers.

  • Clinton blamed over email security

    A state department inquiry has accused Hillary Clinton and other former US secretaries of state of poorly managing email security.

  • Hillary says race against Bernie Sanders is 'done'

    US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said her primary race against Bernie Sanders is effectively over.

  • Trump open to talks with North Korea

    US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he is willing to meet the North Korean leader to discuss Pyongyang's nuclear programme.

  • A Trump presidency has Americans looking north

    Some Americans are threatening to leave the US for Canada if Donald Trump becomes President, but will they actually move?

  • Divine intervention? Indian Hindus ask gods to help Trump

    Donald Trump may find it tough to get Republican leaders behind his campaign, but he's got some faraway fans trying to get the gods on his side.

  • Trump vows 'America first' foreign policy

    Republican White House frontrunner Donald Trump promises a top-to-bottom overhaul of US foreign policy Wednesday to put "America first" and make its allies pay up.

  • US polls: Trump and Clinton win New York primaries

    Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in New York while Hillary Clinton has triumphed in the Democratic race.

  • Trump presidency rated among top 10 global risks: EIU

    Donald Trump winning the US presidency is considered one of the top 10 risks facing the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

  • 'Total war' on Donald Trump — Anonymous

    The international hacker collective, known as Anonymous, again declares "total war" on US presidential candidate Donald Trump, reports Tech Insider.