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  • Bangladesh

    5,000 seats for students at Test match

    Hyderabad Cricket Association is gearing up to host the one-off Test match between India and Bangladesh from February 9 to 13 at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium despite the early serious doubts expressed in some quarters about it hosting the match for want of funds.

  • This was not a Test Eng lost, but one which Tigers won

    Tigers have not been given their due for the magnificent manner in which they beat England in a Test match. With a little luck, they could have claimed the series 2-0, and fixed, at least temporarily, the tone of condescension that accompanies them in world cricket.

  • Mustafizur who?

    India team director Ravi Shastri has forgotten all about the Mustafizur-mauling his side received on their way to a maiden series loss to Bangladesh only eight months ago in 2015.