The four national leaders | The Daily Star
  • Nation pays homage

    The nation solemnly commemorated the 43rd anniversary of the killing of four national leaders inside old Dhaka Central Jail yesterday.

  • Jail Killing Day 2018

    Justice for 4 National Leaders: As elusive as ever

    More than 14 years have passed since a trial court handed punishment to 11 perpetrators for the killing of four national leaders inside the erstwhile Dhaka central jail, but their sentence is yet be implemented.

  • What we lost on November 3, 1975

    On this occasion, we remember these heroes with love, respect and gratitude.

  • Jail Killing Day

    We join the nation in mourning the death of Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmad, Captain (Rtd.) Monsur Ali and AHM Quamruzzaman, the four ...

  • Gory assassinations and a daunting investigation

    The gory killings of four national leaders by misguided soldiers inside Dhaka Central Jail in the early hours of November 3, 1975, remain an indelible shame on the national psyche.