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  • Bangladeshi Drama Actor Tawsif Mahbub

    People Enjoy Watching Romantic Dramas - Tawsif Mahbub

    This year went very well for me. I spent a lot of time with my family this year, that's why I didn't do many projects this year. My wife noticed that and told me to pay more attention to my work, as I had not been giving enough attention to my projects for the previous two or three months.

  • Tawsif Mahbub


    Tawsif Mahbub is a young actor, who has successfully captured the hearts of many in Bangladesh.

  • Tawsif Mahbub

    Tawsif Mahbub

    Before he became a successful model and a heartthrob actor, Tawsif Mahbub dreamt of being a musician.