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    Malaysia’s central bank foils unauthorised fund transfer attempts

    Malaysia’s central bank says it detected and foiled an attempted cyber attack and efforts to transfer funds without authorisation using falsified SWIFT messages.

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    Russia’s bank says hackers targeted its SWIFT computers

    Hackers tried to steal 55 million roubles ($940,000) from Russian state bank Globex using the SWIFT international payments messaging system, the bank said on Thursday, the latest in a string of attempted cyber heists that use fraudulent wire-transfer requests.

  • SWIFT warns banks on cyber heists

    SWIFT, the global messaging system used to move trillions of dollars each day, warns banks that the threat of digital heists is on the rise as hackers use increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques to launch new attacks.

  • Hackers’ files show NSA monitored SWIFT transfers

    Hackers release documents and files that cybersecurity experts indicated the US National Security Agency had accessed the SWIFT interbank messaging system, allowing it to monitor money flows among some Middle Eastern and Latin American banks.

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    No plan to sue Fed, SWIFT: BB

    Bangladesh's central bank says it has reversed its plans to sue the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the SWIFT money transfer network, and instead intends to seek their help recovering $81 million stolen by cyber thieves in February.

  • Hackers steal $10m from Ukraine bank

    Hackers have stolen $10 million from an unnamed Ukrainian bank, according to an independent IT monitoring organisation.

  • SWIFT fights to restore faith after BB heist

    The chief executive of secure messaging system SWIFT says the theft of $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank, by criminals sending fraudulent payment instructions via SWIFT, would force the organisation to shrink and review its strategy.

  • SWIFT, others blamed in full probe of BB heist

    A government-formed committee which investigated the US$101 million heist from Bangladesh central bank’s account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York submits its full report to the finance minister. It has found SWIFT and others responsible for the heist.

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    SWIFT to unveil new security plan after BB heist

    The SWIFT secure messaging service that underpins international banking says it is planning to launch a new security programme as it fights to rebuild its reputation in the wake of the Bangladesh Bank heist.

  • Cyber thieves exploit banks' faith in SWIFT transfer network

    SWIFT has no rule specifically requiring client banks to report hacking thefts but says it requires customer to notify SWIFT of problems that can affect the "confidentiality, integrity, or availability of SWIFT service."

  • BB heist: 'SWIFT is responsible'

    A government committee probing the Bangladesh Bank heist has held SWIFT responsible for weakening the payment system which allowed cyber thieves to steal $81 million from the central bank's account with the New York Fed.

  • SWIFT says second bank hit by malware attack

    SWIFT, the global financial messaging network that banks use to move billions of dollars every day, warns on Thursday of a second malware attack similar to the one that led to February's $81 million cyberheist at the Bangladesh central bank.

  • BB heist: Banks responsible for own cyber security, says SWIFT

    SWIFT told its bank customers that they are responsible for securing computers used to send messages over its global network, which was used to steal some $81 million from a Bangladesh central bank account at the New York Fed in February.

  • SWIFT rejects Bangladeshi claims over $81m cyber heist

    SWIFT on Monday rejected allegations by officials in Bangladesh that technicians with the global messaging system made the nation's central bank more vulnerable to hacking before an $81 million cyber heist in February.

  • SWIFT rejects Bangladeshi claims over $81m cyber heist

    SWIFT on Monday rejected allegations by officials in Bangladesh that technicians with the global messaging system made the nation's central bank more vulnerable to hacking before an $81 million cyber heist in February.

  • 'SWIFT technicians left BB vulnerable to hackers'

    Bangladesh's central bank became more vulnerable to hackers when technicians from SWIFT, the global financial network, connected a new bank transaction system to SWIFT messaging three months before a $81 million cyber heist, Bangladeshi police and a bank official allege.

  • BB heist: Attackers ‘hacked SWIFT software’

    The attackers who stole $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank probably hacked into software from the SWIFT financial platform that is at the heart of the global financial system, say security researchers.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    Bangladesh Bank exposed to hackers by cheap switches, no firewall: cops

    Bangladesh's central bank was vulnerable to hackers because it did not have a firewall and used second-hand, $10 switches to network computers connected to the SWIFT global payment network, an investigator into one of the world's biggest cyber heists says.

  • BB fund: Fed could but failed to stop cyber heist

    It seems, had the Federal Reserve Bank of New York been cautious about financial transactions, the hacked funds of Bangladesh Bank could easily be stopped from being transferred to banks in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, and from there to the pockets of the hackers.

  • BB's Achilles' heel

    Cyber thieves might have found it easier to break into the Bangladesh Bank system after its local area network (LAN) was connected with its SWIFT operation, according to central bankers and investigators.

  • Not so SWIFT

    Two engineers of SWIFT have come to Bangladesh to review its servers with the central bank -- 38 days after a band of hackers breached the payment system in an attempt to steal about $1 billion.