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  • Cox's Bazar forest in danger

    Cox’s Bazar forests in grave danger

    The critical biodiversity areas in Cox’s Bazar -- Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary, Himchhari National Park and Inani National Park -- face a grave risk of peril due to high level of human interventions following the Rohingya influx, according to two recent studies.

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    Rohingya Influx: Needs of affected locals 'ignored'

    While locals in Cox's Bazar are bearing the brunt of socio-economic and environmental damages due to the massive influx of Rohingyas, their needs are being largely overlooked, said local government representatives and officials of the district yesterday.

  • Rohingya Repatriation to Myanmar

    Rohingya Influx, Settlements: Forests, hills in peril: UN

    The Rohingya influx has caused a critical impact on the forest lands in Cox's Bazar as thousands of hectares have been destroyed for making makeshift camps and collecting firewood.

  • Rohingya influx continue...

    No end in sight

    About 3,000 Rohingyas who entered Bangladesh through the Anzumanpara border point in Ukhia on Wednesday night were shifted to Balukhali temporary shelter over the last two days.

  • Fresh spike of rohingya

    Dhaka clearly wants to see a solution

    In a fresh spike, around 5,000 Rohingya refugees entered Bangladesh in just one day.

  • Same old trick

    Myanmar's promise to take back the Rohingyas, who fled to Bangladesh to escape a brutal military crackdown, looks hollow, as it is still showing an unbending attitude towards them.

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    $340m pledged to help Rohingya refugees: UN

    The head of the UN agency that coordinates humanitarian aid says they have pledged roughly $340 million to help more than

  • Robert D Watkins

    Rohingya crisis a great test for UN

    The ever-growing Rohingya influx is a crisis not only for Bangladesh but also for the region as well as the entire world, UN Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh Robert D Watkins has said.

  • Rohingya influx, Naf River

    Urgent need for fund, aid

    Amid fresh waves of Rohingya influx, the UN has urged the international community to come together to support the October 23 pledging conference to meet the life-saving needs of the displaced Myanmar nationals and to promote their safe return home. Three UN-led aid bodies have appealed for $434 million over six months (Sept 2017 to Feb 2018) to help up to 1.2 million people, including some 400,000 Rohingyas already in Bangladesh before the latest crisis began in late August.

  • Myanmar Rohingya refugee crisis

    Large influx again

    At least 12 people drowned and dozens remained missing after a boat carrying Rohingyas sank in the Naf River yesterday, as more than 30,000 Myanmarese nationals joined half a million others who crossed over into Bangladesh since late August. The dead include seven women and four children aged between one and four. Fifteen boat people have been rescued.

  • Govt skirted provocation

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the government was very cautious about avoiding any kind of war with Myanmar despite repeated provocations from the neighbouring country.

  • Rohingya crisis cannot stop progress: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said Bangladesh will surely make great strides in development, despite the huge influx of Myanmar nationals.

  • Rohingya influx: Delhi pledges full support for Dhaka

    India yesterday pledged its full support to Bangladesh to effectively cope with different dimensions of the crisis emanating from the

  • Rohingya Crisis: Bangladesh wants strong UNSC stance

    Dhaka wants the UN Security Council to take “strong stance and swift action” to end the "ethnic cleansing" in Myanmar and to restore peace and stability in the strife-torn Rakhine State to facilitate a smooth return of Rohingyas.

  • UNSC stepping up response

    The UN Security Council met behind closed doors yesterday to discuss the violence in Myanmar, moving to step up its response to the exodus of 4,80,000 Rohingyas in what has been condemned as "ethnic cleansing." The meeting will set the stage for a public session of the top UN body tomorrow, during which UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is set to brief on the crisis and China, along with other council members, will deliver remarks.

  • Rohingyas damage forest

    Rains heap further woes on refugees

    Nur Begum, 55, came to Bangladesh from Myanmar's Maungdaw with her young son and daughter in tow. She witnessed her husband

  • Canada concerned over plight of Rohingyas refugees

    Myanmar situation 'textbook example of ethnic cleansing': UN

    The UN human rights chief slams Myanmar's apparent "systematic attack" on the Rohingya minority, warning that "ethnic cleansing" seemed to be underway.

  • Red Cross fills UN void in Myanmar's violence-torn region

    The Red Cross organisations scale up operations in Myanmar's violence-riven northwest, after the United Nations had to suspend activities there following government suggestions that its agency had supported Rohingya insurgents.

  • The Myanmar Cauldron: Birth of Arsa

    The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army or Arsa, an armed group that emerged in Rakhine state in 2013, has no sizable weaponry to sustain the struggle. But that is how things remain in the beginning – small but potent.

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    Dhaka protests unprecedented Rohingya influx

    Dhaka yesterday summoned the Myanmar envoy to Bangladesh for the fourth time in less than two weeks and handed over a strongly