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    Rohingya Camps in Cox’s Bazar: Activities of 41 NGOs halted for ‘misdeeds’

    The government had suspended activities of 41 non-government organisations operating in the Rohingya camps for their involvement in various “misdeeds”, said Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen yesterday.

  • Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen

    41 NGOs withdrawn from Rohingya camps: FM

    Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen says 41 non-government organisations (NGOs) have been withdrawn from all kinds of activities in Cox's Bazar Rohingya camps for their wrongdoings.

  • Refugee Camps: Crime spikes while Rohingyas despair

    With uncertainty shrouding the Rohingya repatriation, crimes -- from petty thefts to drug peddling, abduction to murder -- have become a commonplace at the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar. Many of the Rohingyas, sheltered in Bangladesh, are now living in a state of panic. They blame unemployment in the camp and rivalry

  • A note on the environmental aspects of Rohingya camps

    It has been nearly a year since the latest influx of the Rohingya people after they were forcibly driven out of Myanmar and into Bangladesh. Since last August, over 700,000 refugees, mostly women and children, have been housed, fed, clothed and provided with medical attention by a combination of Bangladesh's military and civilian authorities and NGOs as well as the UN and other international agencies, of whom there are over a hundred working day and night in the Rohingya camps.

  • Rohingya camp

    Rising criminality in refugee camps

    We are concerned by a spate of murders in Rohingya camps in the last six months that have left the refugees insecure among themselves. The killings—19, in total, including two ghastly murders of two community leaders—have not only sown fear among the already devastated group of people who fled widespread state-sponsored violence in Myanmar, their ancestral land, but have also raised questions about safety and security inside the camps in Bangladesh.

  • Win Myat Aye

    Myanmar's social welfare minister due today

    An influential cabinet minister of Myanmar, who is overseeing the repatriation of Rohingyas, will visit the refugee camps in Cox's Bazar this morning.

  • Don't worry

    The government has chalked out a detailed plan to avert natural disasters in Cox's Bazar Rohingya camps in the upcoming monsoon, Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque said yesterday, requesting the international community not to worry.

  • 100 acres of Teknaf forest torched

    Unidentified people set fire to Teknaf reserved forest, adjacent to the Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar.

  • Rohingya Violence: US mulls sanctions on Myanmar

    The US is considering a range of steps including “targeted sanctions” against the Myanmar government over its "violent, traumatic abuses" of Rohingyas which triggered a massive exodus in the restive Rakhine State.

  • China favours permanent solution of Rohingya crisis

    Communist Party of China assures Bangladesh of convincing Myanmar government to resolve the Rohingya problem permanently. The assurance comes from a meeting in Beijing between the CPC and visiting 18-member Awami League delegation headed by its presidium member Lt Col (retd) Faruk Khan.

  • Rohingyas fan out

    Law enforcers are struggling to stop the spread of Rohingyas from registered as well as temporary camps as middlemen and locals are helping the refugees to settle outside the camps.

  • ‘Myanmar working to resolve Rohingya crisis’

    Myanmar government is trying to resolve the crisis over Rohingya issue, according to a top commission formed by the state’s Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi. Zaw Myint Pe, member secretary of the 10-member body, made the comment while visiting Rohingya camps in Bangladesh to learn of their status first-hand.

  • Rohingya crisis: Politics of denial

    Myanmar has no reason or justification to deny the history and existence of Rohingyas as an ethnic race of its land. Then why does the hardline nationalist group continue to be so provocative against this community?

  • Rape–another crime of human traffickers at sea

    An investigative report by this paper has unraveled the horrifying sexual abuse of Rohingya women while they make their perilous trips at sea.

  • Citizenship for Rohingyas

    The recent tragedy of hundreds of boat people floating in the wilderness of the sea without food and other basic amenities has drawn the world's attention to the protracted suffering of the Rohingyas.

  • Rohingya migrants

    The sighs of ancestors rock migrant boats

    AS many as 8,000 refugees have been adrift in the Andaman Sea lately, some of them stranded for more than two months.

  • The sickness of illegal immigrants

    Bangladesh relies on its workers' remittances but is seemingly happy to turn a blind eye as to why half a million of them choose to leave the country every year and how the nearly eight million currently abroad are treated.

  • Govt plans to move Rohingya camps to Hatiya

    Bangladesh plans to relocate thousands of Rohingya who have spent years in refugee camps near the Myanmar border to a southern island, an official says.