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  • Exposed to fatal cylinder blasts

    Passengers of a huge number of CNG-run vehicles are exposed to high risks of accidents in the absence of timely fitness verification of the gas cylinders. Further, many of these cylinders are counterfeit and therefore pose even greater threats.

  • Peacekeepers at high risk of corruption

    The militaries of the 30 countries that provide the most troops and police officers to UN peacekeeping operations are among those

  • Bangladesh may enter list of risky nations again

    Bangladesh runs the risk of being reclassified as a country exposed to money laundering and terror financing because of slow implementation of laws on battling illicit flow of funds.

  • No coordination among providers

    Lack of coordination between utility service providers, coupled with inadequate precautionary measures during the digging of roads for

  • Export to India at high risk

    India has launched an anti-dumping investigation into imports of jute goods from Bangladesh to see whether the export prices are set below fair market prices. In October, the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) under India's commerce ministry opened the probe as part of its plan to impose anti-dumping duty on jute items imported from Bangladesh.

  • Low Zika risk for Bangladesh

    Risk of Zika virus infection in Bangladesh is low as the countries affected by the mosquito-borne disease are far away, an expert said here yesterday.

  • Virtual reality ‘predicts Alzheimer’s’

    Alzheimer's disease can be detected decades before onset, using a virtual reality test, a study suggests.

  • First ‘in womb’ stem cell trial planned

    The first clinical trial injecting foetal stem cells into babies still in the womb has been announced.

  • Deadly dish: the dinner that can give you cancer

    A local delicacy in north-east Thailand, made from raw fish, has been found to be behind a high incidence of liver cancer in the area, and doctors are trying to educate people about the risk.