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  • 8m came out of poverty in 6yrs: WB

    Around eight million people in Bangladesh have come out of poverty between 2010 and 2016, according to the latest poverty assessment report of World Bank.

  • Poverty Reduction: Bangladesh makes significant stride

    Bangladesh got about 19.3 million people out of poverty between 2004 and 2014, the fastest reduction in UNDP’s poverty index during that period.

  • Poverty Level Chart of Bangladesh

    Poverty reduction rate slows down

    Bangladesh's rate of poverty reduction has slowed down in recent years.

  • Children and Poverty

    Protecting the rights of children and providing the essentials for their development must be part of the definition of poverty reduction.

  • A roadmap to poverty reduction in Bangladesh

    The successful implementation of the NSSS will provide a strong basis for Bangladesh to extend proper social security to its poor and vulnerable populations. It recognises the differences in risks at different stages of the life cycle and provides support to various demographic groups.

  • From 'good-enough' jobs to 'decent' jobs

    Though there are many views on 'inclusive growth', the key consensus is that inclusive growth is a growth process which reduces poverty, inequality and social exclusion and promotes 'decent' jobs and economic and social cohesion.

  • Bangladesh performs well in inclusive growth

    AS per a report published by ESCAP titled 'Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015', Bangladesh is ahead of both India and Pakistan in terms of inclusive growth.

  • Can we eradicate extreme poverty in Bangladesh?

    EXTREME poverty is officially defined in Bangladesh in terms of total living expenses of a family falling short of the cost of minimum

  • poverty

    Why poverty action plans don't work

    CAN we really banish poverty in Bangladesh by the year 2030? I do not question the loftiness of the goal of eradicating poverty or the sincerity of policy makers and the economists. However, what gives me reasons for concern is the lack of evidence on the efficacy of various anti-poverty programmes, and the limited amount of time left to meet the target, i.e., only fifteen years remaining. Complicating the scenario is the evidence from research that the mainstay of our economic programmes to eradicate poverty in the last two decades, viz., employment generation in the garments sector and microcredit expansion, may not deliver the goods for those who live in poverty.

  • Poverty reduction trend impressive

    AS published in a leading Bangla daily, a study brought out by the General Economic Division of Planning Commission, poverty has reduced to 24.47 per cent.