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  • onion price in bangladesh

    Lax monitoring blamed for onion price hike ahead of Eid

    Both the homegrown and imported onions are getting pricey ahead of Eid-ul-Azha despite the fact that government allowed a duty free import of Indian onion.

  • onion price in bangladesh

    Onion price expected to come down

    Onion prices are set to drop further in the country as the Indian government has withdrawn the fixed minimum price on its export.

  • onion price in bangladesh

    Onion prices drop

    Onion prices fell yesterday at both retail and wholesale markets due to an increased supply of early harvested onion and India's reduction in the minimum export price.

  • onion price in Bangladesh

    Onion prices soaring

    Onion prices were nearly one and a half times that of a week ago, and local traders are blaming the hike on increased prices in India, the country's main source of import.