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  • Resistance inside Trump administration: NY Times Op-Ed

    Many senior officials in President Donald Trump's administration have been working from within to frustrate parts of his agenda to protect the country from his worst impulses, an anonymous Trump official writes in a column published by the New York Times.

  • ‘Trump ordered Mueller's firing, then backed off’

    US President Donald Trump last June ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired but backed down after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than follow his directive, The New York Times reports citing four people told of the matter.

  • Hero, legend... villain?

    A beloved icon. A fighter who transcended his sport. A symbol of heroism, courage and defiance. Muhammad Ali was all of these things and more to countless millions of admirers around the world during his remarkable life and times.

  • AP, Reuters, New York Times among 2016 Pulitzer Prize winners

    The Associated Press wins the Pulitzer Prize for public service for reporting on abuse in the seafood industry that helped free 2,000 slave laborers, and Reuters and The New York Times share the breaking news photography award for images of the European refugee crisis.

  • Saudi Arabia could sell off billions in American assets: NYT

    The Saudi Arabian government threatens to sell off hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of American assets should the US Congress pass a bill that holds the kingdom responsible for any role in the September 11, 2001 attacks, the New York Times reports on Friday.

  • Mahfuz Anam

    'Attempt to crush independent media' in Bangladesh

    Without free access to information, backed up by journalists who are willing to dig down and get to the truth, all the other liberties celebrated in democracies are endangered. That's why the world should be worried by the concerted attacks on one of the leading newspaper editors in South Asia, Mahfuz Anam of Bangladesh's Daily Star.

  • Nobel prize winner blasts NY Times for publishing ‘gossip’

    Famed Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010, slammed The New York Times on Sunday for publishing what he called “slanderous and perfidious” gossip culled from an article published by The Daily Mail, reports Poynter.

  • 35 women, who say Bill Cosby raped them, sit together on NY Mag cover

    The New York Magazine photographed 35 women who say they have been raped or assaulted by Bill Cosby and placed them on its front cover, reports Mashable.

  • Turkey bombs Islamic State targets in Syria

    Turkish planes have for the first time carried out air strikes against Islamic State (IS) group targets in Syria.

  • Yahya_and_Nixon

    'Nixon didn't give a fig for the 1971 genocide'

    Former US president Richard Nixon “didn't give a fig for the genocide that was being committed in present-day Bangladesh”, says a Pulitzer winning New York Times journalist.

  • Bill Cosby 'offered women money' for silence after sex

    American comedian Bill Cosby admitted trying to pay women to keep quiet after having sex with them, according to testimony obtained by the New York Times.

  • Valcke

    Blatter deputy denies bribe claims

    Fifa president Sepp Blatter's top deputy denies allegations that he is the high-ranking official who made key payments in a bribery scandal engulfing world football.

  • Milk not so healthy really

    Studies show that drinking milk, which has been a staple food in every household for better growth and nourishment, might not be good for your health and may cause bone fractures in adults.