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  • Speaking two languages boost IQ in children

    Children who speak their native language at home with their parents while growing up in a different country may have higher IQs, according to a new small-scale UK study.

  • Could a parasite make you more entrepreneurial?

    A parasite which is carried by cats that can also affect humans could alter an individual's behaviour and make them more entrepreneurial, according to new research.

  • Depression

    Depression could speed up brain aging

    A new UK review finds that those who have depression or anxiety could also show an increased rate of cognitive decline later in life.

  • Smoking connected to ER

    Kids exposed to marijuana and tobacco smoke prone to illness

    New US research suggests that exposing children to a combination of secondhand tobacco and marijuana smoke could increase their risk of otitis media (an infection in the middle ear that causes inflammation and a buildup of fluid behind the eardrum) and increase the number of visits to the emergency department (ED).

  • Higher death risk for 'alternative' cancer cures

    People who choose alternative cures for common cancers are up to five times more likely to die compared to those opting for standard treatments, says the lead scientist of a new study.