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  • Cattle Farming in Hills

    Cattle Farming in Hills: Mro community makes a shift

    If you take a look at Kaiplem Mro, you can feel the confidence she exudes. The 53-year-old indigenous woman from the remote Mrolongpara under Sadar upazila of Bandarban is in charge of her own future.

  • 11 bizarre things spotted on Mars

    NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) begins its visit to the red planet 10 years ago this week.Since then, the MRO completes about 45,000 trips around Mars, taking more than 200,000 images of it and other objects in the vicinity, according to NASA.

  • [WATCH NOW] Journey to the source of Matamuhuri river

    Of the hundreds of rivers in Bangladesh, only two rivers -- Sangu and Matamuhuri -- have originated from Bangladesh. Both rivers are located in the southeastern hilly part of Bangladesh.