Migrant Boat capsize in Mediterranean | The Daily Star
  • Mediterranean Shipwreck: 15 survivors return, kept at airport

    Monowara Khatun had received a phone call from her son Rashed Mia early Monday. He said he was coming home from Tunisia.

  • Boat Capsize: Bangladeshi death toll may rise

    The number of Bangladeshis feared to have died off the Tunisian coast in Friday’s boat capsize may go up, said the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) based on the information communicated by the Tunisian Red Crescent.

  • Bangladeshis dead in Migrant Boat capsize

    ‘More Bangladeshis likely among dead’

    Concerns are raised that there may be more Bangladeshis among the dead in the boat capsize off the Tunisian coast. Bangladesh Red Crescent Society casts the grim prospect, also managing to obtain names of 27 among the 37 Bangladeshis who died.