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  • Bangladeshi migrants get less for lack of language skill

    Bangladesh’s migrant workers toil in foreign lands for longer hours compared to peers from other countries, but they earn much less as they lack skills and face a language barrier, depriving themselves of a better future and the country of remittance.

  • Nilkhet Market: A realm of necessary books (video)

    Nilkhet Book Market, consisting of nearly 400 book stalls, is a trustworthy friend for the bookworms, searching for any kinds of book.

  • What language do "boat people" speak?

    I think a euphemism is a kind of lie, and the lies peoples and countries tell themselves are revealing. Describing Rohingya migrants as “boat people” is disturbing and unacceptable to me.

  • Inform progress on Bangla advertisement: HC

    The High Court orders the government to submit a report by May 27 on the steps taken to ensure the use of Bangla language in advertisements of media and on vehicles’ registration plates, signboards and billboards.

  • Nation paying homage to language martyrs

    The nation is paying glowing tribute to the Language Movement martyrs, who laid down their lives for the mother tongue in 1952, amid countrywide ongoing blockade

  • Don’t worry over Teesta: Mamata

    Visiting West Bengal Chief Mamata Banerjee says Bangladesh need not worry over Teesta water-sharing deal and the issue will be resolved soon

  • Language


    February 21 marks an important day – a date marked by blood and tears of those who stood steadfast as their voices were on the verge of being silenced.