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  • After Jamdani and Hilsa…

    In the last one year, two Bangladeshi products—Jamdani and Hilsa—received Geographical Indications (GI) from the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT). The DPDT is currently working on analysing 24 more goods.

  • The Belle From Bengal

    The Belle From Bengal

    Ah, where does one begin with the rich cultural heritage and tradition of the magical land of Bengal? From the high pedestals of art and culture to the everyday humdrum of daily life, it is deeply steeped in age-old customs and traditions.

  • The untold story of Jamdani

    In the early hours of every Friday near the Demra Staff Quarter on the outskirts of Dhaka, a market comes alive with a frenzy of activities. This is a traditional haat, a place where a large number of saris and Jamdani fabrics are available at wholesale

  • A day with a weaver (video)

    The traditional art of Jamdani weaving, which is included in UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is an intricate process that takes several years to master. Nevertheless, as an outsider, the process is a fascinating one to observe - from the indigenous loom to the fine tasks of the weavers.

  • Sights and sounds of a Jamdani haat (video)

    Once you've visited a Jamdani haat, you will think twice before metaphorically referring to a crowded and noisy place as a 'macher bazaar'.