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  • Climate change, Floodwater

    Shunned by investors, poorer nations seek to climate-proof growth

    As droughts and floods cut crop harvests and storms tear up buildings and power lines, countries vulnerable to climate change - from Bangladesh to Kenya and Guatemala - have proposed new ways to access cheaper financing to tackle the risks.

  • Airing the IMF dirty

    Airing the IMF's dirty laundry

    Following the International Monetary Fund's controversial actions in the Asian financial crisis of 1998, when it conditioned liquidity assistance to...

  • International Monetary Fund, United States, US economy, US poverty

    IMF warns the US over high poverty, inequality

    The International Monetary Fund warns the United States over poverty and rising inequality in the country, saying both could hold back its economic potential.

  • IMF says world at risk of 'economic derailment'

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns that the global economy faces a growing "risk of economic derailment."

  • Sri Lanka's Rebirth

    Sri Lanka is fortunate to have a low level of urbanisation today; but this is likely to change in the next two decades. This gives the country the opportunity to create model cities, based on the adequate provision of public services and sound public transport and attuned to the cost of carbon and climate change.

  • Nobel Economics Prize to wrap up 2015 awards season

    The 2015 Nobel season wraps up with the announcement of the winner of the economics prize, which could go to research into the job market or consumer behaviour, though no obvious frontrunner stands out.

  • The World Bank logo

    WB official meets Muhith, talks $1.9bn financing

    A senior World Bank official has met Finance Minister AMA Muhith in Peru and discussed a new financing scheme of $1.9 billion.

  • Greece debt crisis: IMF attacks EU over bailout

    The International Monetary Fund attacks the bailout deal offered by eurozone leaders to Greece.

  • Greece misses IMF payment deadline

    Greece misses deadline for a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), hours after eurozone ministers refused to extend its bailout.

  • American leadership in a multipolar world

    GIVING up the spotlight is never easy. The United States, like many aging celebrities, is struggling to share the stage with new faces, especially

  • Bangladesh’s economy to grow by 6pc: IMF

    A mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today forecast that Bangladesh’s economy will grow by 6 percent in the current fiscal year, down from the government’s target of 7.3 percent and World Bank’s 6.2 percent.