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  • Rehiring agent conned us of RM 1m

    Rehiring Programme in Malaysia: 270 expat workers deceived by agent

    Some 270 Bangladeshi workers have allegedly been defrauded of over 1.8 million Malaysian ringgits (Tk 3.6 crore) by an agent over securing valid work permits under the Malaysian rehiring programme.

  • Smart immigration for Europe

    Immigration-related headlines have become a staple in Europe, whether the story is of an illegal Malian immigrant scaling a Paris building to rescue a toddler or the formation of a populist government in Italy that aims to deport a half-million migrants.

  • Denmark MPs debate tough new laws on immigration

    Plans to seize the assets of asylum-seekers are among controversial new measures on immigration being debated by MPs in Demark's parliament.

  • Minor fire at Dhaka airport

    Fire breaks out at an office room of the second floor of Dhaka's Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Believed to have been caused by an electrical malfunction, the fire is said to have caused insignificant damage.

  • 15 Bangladeshis detained in Malaysia

    Malaysian Immigration Department detained 89 foreigners of eight nationalities including 15 Bangladeshis for various immigration offences in a raid at a plywood factory in Kedah state on Tuesday.

  • 35 detained Bangladeshis in Texas end hunger strike

    Bangladeshi asylum seekers have ended a near week-long hunger strike at the El Paso detention centre in Texas, US, protesting their potential deportation.

  • Passport scam

    An internal probe by the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) has detected that at least 170 official passports have been issued without following any of the numerous set procedures.

  • Foreign worker checks to go fully electronic

    Malaysian Immigration department says applications for foreign worker visa and health status clearances will go fully electronic next Monday.