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  • Study finds ways to save Halda dolphins

    Regular patrolling and reducing the number of self-powered vessels plying the Halda river could help recuperate the endangered dolphin population in the river, according to a study.

  • Govt probe finds; Ctg DoE sits idle for nearly 2yrs

    Big industries killing Halda

    Waste from large factories and a housing estate are polluting the Halda river in Chattogram to the extent that it caused fish die-offs, according to a report of the Department of Environment.

  • Seven of 21 gorges where broodfish lay eggs partially filled up with sandbags

    WDB Embankment on Halda: Carp breeding under threat

    The Water Development Board (WDB) is implementing an embankment project along the Halda river causing severe damage to the natural breeding ground of carp fish.

  • Saving Halda's broodfish

    As residents of Uttar Madarsa village in Hathazari upazila settle in for the evening, a group of 30 vigilantes gear up to keep an eye on the Halda River to stop the indiscriminate fishing of broodfish.

  • Nature Quest: Dredger danger for dolphins

    At least 16 dolphins (Platanista Gangetica) have been found dead in the last three months in the Halda, according to data found primarily by Halda River Research Institute.

  • From Chittagong to Goalanda: “Halda” moves to new sets

    “Halda”, directed by Tauquir Ahmed, completed its first leg of shooting at Chittagong two and a half months ago, and now, the crew has left for a ten-day shooting stint at Rajbari, Goalanda.

  • Thousands flock to “Halda” sets to get a glimpse of stars

    The Barua Para of Chittagong's Raujan has seen a huge enthusiastic crowd every day from early morning to late night, where people from all ages are flocking to get a glimpse of their favourite actors.