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  • Gazipur win heralds future victory for AL

    Ruling Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said the wins of Awami League candidates in the recently concluded Gazipur City Corporation election is showing the path for the party's victory in polls.

  • Commentary: One day does not an election make

    The much-awaited Gazipur city election is over, the “we-knew-it-from-before” polls results are upon us, the “impartiality” of the police and the “neutrality” of the civil administration have once again been demonstrated, the never-too-late-to-follow “certificate” of the Election Commission has been delivered and, of course, our democracy now stands “strengthened”.

  • Battle in AL bastion

    In an election of prestige both for the Awami League and the BNP, voters of Gazipur City Corporation will decide today which camp will have a victory laugh just six months before the parliamentary polls.

  • Gazipur City Corporation election

    Polling agents on their minds

    Both the BNP and the ruling Awami League mayoral candidates in Tuesday's Gazipur City Corporation polls are concerned about their polling agents but for two different reasons.

  • Swing voters big factor

    Both the Awami League and the BNP mayoral candidates are trying hard to woo the swing voters who they think will be a crucial factor in the upcoming Gazipur City Corporation polls.

  • Arrests hurt Gazipur campaign of BNP

    Eight election coordinators of BNP Gazipur mayoral candidate Hasan Uddin Sarker were arrested by law enforcers on Wednesday, party leaders said.

  • Gazipur City Corporation Logo

    Polls Campaign: Gazipur BNP faces tough challenge

    The BNP faces a tough challenge ahead of the Gazipur City Corporation election as many of its leaders and activists in the city have gone into hiding following the filing of a vandalism case against them.

  • Gazipur City Corporation Logo

    Stay on Gazipur City Polls: Petitions strange, implications serious

    This is the tale of a strange legal battle over something that has no existence for decades.

  • Gazipur City Corporation election

    Polls festivity gives way to frustration

    The election fever that gripped the Gazipur city is gone.

  • SC verdicts hold hope for polls

    Some previous verdicts of the Supreme Court about disputes over elections now offer the Election Commission strong legal grounds to have the stay orders on Gazipur and Dhaka north city mayoral polls vacated.

  • Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir

    Govt stopped Gazipur city polls sensing defeat: Fakhrul

    The government has halted the Gazipur City Corporation election sensing a defeat, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir says.