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  • Thrashed by trash

    The residents of Azimpur yesterday woke up to a bizarre sight: heaps of garbage dumped in front of the gates of a community centre.

  • Carry garbage by covered vehicles

    The High Court yesterday directed both the city corporations of Dhaka to have garbage taken by covered trucks or vans between 10:00pm and 6:00am every day.

  • HELLO MAYOR... did you see this ?

    In a bizarre incident, a garbage carrying truck of Dhaka North City Corporation dumped a large chunk of trash in front of a multinational bank's headquarters in the capital's Gulshan early yesterday. The authorities of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) have expressed utter surprise at the noxious incident as they remain in the dark as to what triggered this.

  • Garbage everywhere in the city

    Garbage is a major source of environmental pollution. Everyday a huge amount of waste is produced in urban areas.

  • TRASH CITY - from Beirut to Dhaka

    Unlike the people of Lebanon who are taking to their rubbish strewn streets to demand the removal of mountains of garbage, we in Bangladesh have resigned ourselves to the fate of living indefinitely in revoltingly filthy conditions.

  • Dhaka vs Kolkata

    But it does not need Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking for anybody to know that Dhaka has been rotting, stinking and becoming more terrible to live in every year.

  • Clean Dhaka to be visible in 6 months: Annisul

    Dhaka will emerge as a completely clean city in next two and half years, the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation say.