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  • Self-sufficient in fish, meat

    Riding on the recent revolution in fish and livestock farming, Bangladesh for the first time achieved self-sufficiency in animal protein.

  • Guppy fish to be released in Dhaka south to curb mosquito-borne diseases

    Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) will release Guppy fishes in drainage and sewerage lines to curb the menace of mosquito-borne diseases including Chikungunya

  • ‘Will not have Hilsa on Pahela Baishakh’

    Hilsa, our national fish, has become an inseparable part of Pahela Baishakh (Bangla New Year) celebrations, but experts say the practice has no roots in a thousand years of Bengali tradition.

  • Losing fish to tobacco

    As the nation's and possibly South Asia's major natural breeding ground for carp fishes like ruhi, katol and mrigal (Indian carp) from where fishermen collect spawns, the 98-kilometre Halda River that runs through Khagrachhari is unique.

  • Restaurant Review: FISH & CO. BANGLADESH

    As a part of Daily Star Foodiez Choice Awards, The Daily Star and Dhaka Foodies decided to visit eateries that have been nominated for awards in different categories. Fish & Co. Bangladesh is a popular place for seafood and fish dishes.

  • For love of fish

    This is not one of those usual fairs where craft items from weavers and potters are the main attractions. This is a fair where people rush for the love of fish, all kinds of fresh-water fish.

  • Fish delight

    The country's fish production has almost doubled in just over a decade as fish farming becomes even more popular. According to data from the Department of Fisheries, farmed fish production was 2 million tonnes in 2013-14 fiscal year. This was only 0.8 million tonnes in 2001-02.

  • Fish production doubles as farming gets popular

    The country’s fish production has nearly doubled over the last decade thanks to popularity of fish farming. Consequently, the overall fish production increased by around 88 percent during this period.

  • Fish, snake caught mid-battle by Australian fisherman

    An Australian spear fisherman has captured a bizarre battle between what appears to be one of the world's most venomous fish and a deadly snake.