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  • Reform or divorce in Europe

    In response to asymmetric shocks and divergences in productivity, there would have to be adjustments in the real (inflation-adjusted) exchange rate, meaning that prices in the eurozone periphery would have to fall relative to Germany and northern Europe.

  • ADP implementation reaches 41% in 9 months

    ADB rate of implementation, including self financed projects, during first nine months (July-March) of current fiscal year (FY16) reaches 41% with overall expenditure of Tk 41,888 crore.

  • Does Bangladesh deserve a higher sovereign rating?

    In Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-15, global sovereign rating agencies Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch assigned Bangladesh a 'stable' sovereign credit outlook.

  • Sri Lanka's Rebirth

    Sri Lanka is fortunate to have a low level of urbanisation today; but this is likely to change in the next two decades. This gives the country the opportunity to create model cities, based on the adequate provision of public services and sound public transport and attuned to the cost of carbon and climate change.

  • Anatomy of two E-waste disasters

    Discarded end-of-life electronic and electrical devices, or e-waste, are the fastest growing waste stream in the world.


    Bangladesh, with the support and vision of the Bangladesh Bank, has seen remarkable progress in Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in recent years.


    Sanchayapatra – a supposed welfare instrument – is actually a Trojan horse that threatens the future of our development budget, and thus reduces growth potentials for the nation. The higher the sale of NSCs, the higher the future interest liability which will definitely eat up a bigger pie of our budget, reducing the share of the Annual Development Programme (ADP).

  • America in the Way

    The third Interna-tional Conference on Financing for Development recently convened in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa.

  • Is this monetary policy growth supportive?

    Bangladesh Bank recently announced its monetary policy for the fiscal year 2016. As always, the announcement has sparked a number of criticisms.

  • Financing Sustainability: Pathways to Scale

    Our global and complex economy does many things well, but achieving equitable and sustainable outcomes, or in other words 'sustainable development', has not been one of its strengths.

  • Predictable yet unachievable

    Writing on budget has become a challenge for me not only because so much has already been discussed, but there is barely anything original in the budget.

  • Revenue collection target high but achievable: Muhith

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith says the revenue collection target of the proposed for fiscal 2015-2016 is high, but achievable.

  • Redefining goals of the upcoming budget

    THIS is the time of the year that draws the attention of most people on economic and financial matters. The Finance Ministry and the National

  • Political turmoil ate up $2.2b in 3 months

    Bangladesh suffers a financial loss of around $2.2 billion in the last three months due to political turmoil, according to a World Bank report.

  • Political unrest causes 0.55pc GDP loss: CPD

    Political unrest during January to mid March of the current year has caused for a gross domestic product (GDP) loss of 0.55 percent or Tk 4,900 crore, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

  • The Hurt of the Average

    WE are objective and neutral in our assessment when it comes to sourcing”, announced a brand's moderator in a conference held for the benefit of twenty global manufacturers in Hong Kong forty-eight hours ago. Sitting right by the Harbour with a splendid view of the waves crashing against the rocks, the meeting soothed most of us while we listened to the stories from the other readymade garment suppliers from the other parts of the world, namely Pakistan, India, China and Myanmar.

  • hartal

    When Politics Stifles Economic Growth

    THE significance of political factors on economic performance is well established in the theoretical and empirical literature. Channels of political impact on the economy are many. Political instability takes a toll on economic growth through lower investment and subdued economic activities.