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  • Farmland turns WASTELAND

    Selim Uddin, 50, had been a farmer all his life like his father and his father before him. Until a few years ago, he earned his living by farming on a small piece of land and fishing in canals in and around his South Madrasa union in Chittagong's Hathazari upazila.

  • Environmental Pollution Causes death

    Pollution causes 1 in 4 deaths

    A quarter of all premature deaths and diseases worldwide are due to environmental pollution and climate change, says a landmark report of the United Nations.

  • Killing the environment

    A recent World Bank report—an environmental analysis of Bangladesh—should erase any remaining doubts about the critical level that environmental pollution has reached in the country.

  • Tamil Nadu protest

    9 killed in India cops firing

    Nine people are killed when police opened fire on protesters demanding the closure of a copper smelting plant over environmental pollution concern in a port city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu today.

  • Bangladesh 2nd worst country in curbing pollution

    Bangladesh is the second worst country in curbing environmental pollution, an Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranking report says.