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  • Schooling is not learning

    Schooling is not learning

    The release of the World Development Report (WDR) 2018 of the World Bank subtitled “Learning to Realize Education's Promise,” on

  • An education system that divides the nation

    Our vision and aspiration as a nation is expressed in Vision 2021, marking 50 years of independent Bangladesh, and objectives set for 2041, when Bangladesh aims to become a developed nation.

  • MCQ and the Creative Question system

    The student who will have the skill to analyse all the information of the text will be able to pick the fourth option as the correct answer. So, it is unwise to say that students don't learn anything from MCQs and is easy to get higher marks.

  • The futility of the debate

    It is somehow taken for granted, by students and parents alike, that there is a fundamental difference between students of Bangla medium and English medium schools. This division carries on to higher education as well.

  • Primary education now up to class VIII

    In light of the National Education Policy, the government finalises its decision to extend primary education level up to class VIII from V. It’s a major decision for the country’s education system, says Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid.