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  • Christchurch attack: Accused gunman pleads not guilty

    An Australian man pleads not guilty to 92 charges stemming from a massacre in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch and will stand trial in May 2020.

  • BCB wants extra security for Tigers

    Following the Bangladesh team's narrow escape from the horrific Christchurch shooting at Al Noor mosque last month, the Bangladesh

  • Ethics rather than policing of the internet

    For many people in Australia and New Zealand, the horrific attack on mosques in Christchurch by an Australian national was not totally unexpected.

  • Christchurch: Why this is not an isolated terrorist attack

    In the aftermath of the deadly attacks in New Zealand that caused global shock, it is important to explore the broader questions about the ideology behind these acts of terrorism.

  • 'Hatred' is the new terror

    The attack on Twin Towers by Al Qaeda launched the so-called “war on terror”. The massacre of 50 innocent worshippers in Christchurch should now trigger a global “war on hatred”. If the jihadists needed to be reined in, and correctly so, the white supremacists need to be stopped with equal vigour and urgency.

  • The emerging new world order's alarm bells

    Friday's attack on two mosques in New Zealand reflects a paradigm shift: the erosion of liberal values and the rise of 'civilisationalism' at the expense of the nation state.

  • Christchurch and the 'mass dissemination of hate' in the media

    I woke up to the news of the horrific attack in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday, like millions around the world. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed on Friday morning

  • Moments of heroism in Christchurch massacre

    As New Zealanders struggled to cope with the deadly mayhem in Christchurch, stories of heroism have emerged from the tragedy, including a worshiper who chased away the gunman armed only with a credit card machine.

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    Murder in Mosques

    There can be no place for hatred, intolerance and senseless violence anywhere in the world—of the type we witnessed in Christchurch on Friday which has killed at least 49 people so far, including 3 Bangladeshis and injured many more—as of going to print.