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  • Where is the law and humanity for children working in domestic settings?

    Around a month ago, protests broke out in Uttara after the body of a 12-year-old child named Boishakhi was recovered from a home in Sector 3, hanging from the ceiling fan.

  • Enforce the law on child labour

    Despite the law prohibiting the employment of children, many brick kiln owners across Cumilla's Chauddagram upazila employ minors to do hazardous work.

  • Asia's unacceptable record

    Out of the 40 million victims of modern slavery worldwide, almost two thirds—25 million people—are exploited in Asia and the Pacific. Making the region host to the largest number of victims of modern slavery today.

  • A last call to protect our children

    On the first day of April in 1930, a law came into force in the then Indian subcontinent restraining child marriage.

  • Tortured over trivial matters

    Physical assaults on children continue across the country despite protests by child rights activists, laws against corporal

  • Do not lower marriageable age of girls

    The Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has recommended that the women and children affairs ministry refrain from taking any legislative measures to lower the girls' minimum marriageable age below 18.

  • Child brutalised once again!

    Yet again, we are confronted with the appalling news of 12-year-old boy tied to a tree and beaten mercilessly by more than one person, apparently as 'punishment for theft'.

  • BCL leader, who ‘beat boy dead’, killed in ‘gunfight’

    Arzu Mia, chief of Bangladesh Chhatra League's Lalbagh unit who allegedly beat dead a teenage boy in Dhaka, has been killed in what Rab says gunfight.

  • Justice elusive to abused children

    The one-stop crisis centres (OCC), formed in 2001 to facilitate medical treatment, police assistance, social services, legal assistance and counselling for women and children who were victims of repression, have reportedly been reduced to providing medical services only.

  • Yet another child killed in brutal torture

    Nearly a month into the killing of Rajon, another 13-year-old boy has been allegedly tortured to death in Khulna.

  • Petty causes, demonic crimes, a way out

    The surge in sadistic crimes before and after the Eid has given us some bone-chilling realisations about where our society is headed.

  • Cartoon By Dr Jack

    Children of Privilege

    It happens everywhere in the world. Our sons and daughters feel entitled to what we have earned in our lifetime.

  • Child Labour Day

    Underage children working in developing countries has been a harsh reality for many years and Bangladesh is no exception.