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  • Singapore foils cat-in-trousers smuggling bid

    Singapore immigration authorities said Tuesday they had foiled a bid to smuggle four kittens into the city-state stuffed down a man's trousers after hearing meows coming from the suspect's crotch.

  • Wisconsin cat disappears, reappears in Florida

    It takes about 22 hours to reach Florida by car for a person traveling from Wisconsin.

  • [Watch] This is Sparta, Cat!

    Meet Marvel-the cat. He enjoys playing fetch like a dog. His brother Mojo-the cat is a year younger than him and has no time for silly games such as fetch. Mojo is on a mission! Watch to find out more!

  • [WATCH NOW] The angry cat is no music enthusiast

    No matter how beautiful and melodic the flute-playing is, this cat doesn’t care and just wants the music to stop!

  • School adopts cat as student, gives him ID card!

    Bubba, a cool cat, lives with his owner Amber Marienthal and her family in a house near Leland High School and Bret Harte Middle School in San Jose of California. Bubba is allowed to wander through the school hallways and hang out in classrooms, meowing whenever he wants to be let in or out. Finally he gets his very own student ID card.