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  • From digital to manual

    Fitness checks of all buses and trucks registered with BRTA Mirpur office are being done manually, as the only automated vehicle inspection system that had been working broke down three months ago.

  •  70,000 vehicles have not renewed fitness certificates for 10 years; BRTA to cancel registration if not renewed by May

    Take unfit vehicles off the roads

    Damning reports along with horrendous pictures about the state of our transport sector were published in all our major national dailies yesterday.

  • Unfitness Vehicles

    No fitness docs, yet running

    More than 70,000 vehicles have not had their fitness certificates renewed in 10 years, and many of them are on the road posing serious risks of accidents.

  • Thirteen out of 39 buses run without fitness certificates

    An inquiry committee, formed following a High Court order, has found that 33 percent buses had no fitness certificate that run on the roads, said a survey report conducted on 39 buses.