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  • HC rebukes BSTI over milk report

    The High Court yesterday rebuked the lawyer of BSTI for claiming that the court expressed satisfaction with its test report on pasteurised milk of 14 brands.

  • Minimum age of freedom fighters Gazette illegal says High Court

    Wage war on food adulteration

    Urging the prime minister to declare a war on food adulteration, the High Court yesterday directed the government to immediately remove from the market the 52 food items that have been found substandard by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution.

  • Substandard foods: HC wants explanation from BSTI, BFSA

    The High Court wants to hear statements from Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) and Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) about 52 food products that were found substandard.

  • Draft BSTI law: 2yr jail for marketing goods without licence

    Cabinet approves draft of new BSTI law proposing two-year jail and fine of Tk one lakh for producing and marketing goods without BSTI license.

  • No standards set for water filters

    Companies never tire of boasting about their products, and consumers are easily enticed. But in the case of water purifiers and filters,

  • Regular food check drives in Ramadan: Minister

    The government will carry out impromptu drives across the country to check on the quality of food during Ramadan for the sake of public health.