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  • Revenge of the experts

    The Brexit debate is an endless source of mirth for anyone with a dark sense of humour. My own favourite quote is from Michael Gove, currently Britain's environment secretary.

  • The less spoken but fundamental causes of Brexit

    In the aftermath of World War II, some European politicians and political thinkers contemplated forging unity among democratic countries in that continent. This was viewed by them as a way to avert extreme forms of nationalism and future wars in Europe and also as a means to ensure peace among European nations.

  • Struggling British PM faces confidence vote

    British Prime Minister Theresa May's government faces a vote of confidence today, three weeks after a disastrous election left her authority in tatters and her Brexit strategy in doubt.

  • Election debacle leaves UK govt in minority on eve of Brexit talks

    British Prime Minister Theresa May says she will lead a minority government backed by a small Northern Irish party after she loses an election gamble days before the start of talks on Britain's departure from the European Union.

  • European Council President Donald Tusk

    EU tells May 'no time to lose' on Brexit talks

    European Council President Donald Tusk congratulates Theresa May on her reappointment as British prime minister and urges her to start talks as soon as possible on Britain's exit from the EU to minimise disruption.

  • Britain votes in shadow of terror, looming Brexit talks

    Britons stream to the polls for the third time in two years after a campaign overshadowed by terror attacks and the uncertainty of Brexit.

  • Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

    Scottish lawmakers to hold independence vote

    Scotland's parliament is poised to call for an independence referendum, another headache for Prime Minister Theresa May as she battles to keep the country united just a day before triggering Brexit.

  • Brexit

    Britain prepares to launch Brexit

    Britain is to take an unprecedented step into the unknown with the first formal move towards leaving the European Union, starting a two-year process that has already divided the country.

  • Premier League stars tackle weak pound

    The Premier League's star imports are demanding huge pay rises as clubs' TV revenues rocket, Chinese teams entice them with mega wages -- and the pound slumps ahead of Brexit.

  • 'BREXIT' means uncertainty

    On June 23, the UK electorate surprised itself by voting 52 percent: 48 percent to leave the EU, after 40 years of membership. Warnings of experts of economic damage had been defeated by populist emotion.